Looking Up

Well B and I had a super long, serious discussion last night, and I think we are starting to understand a little bit better. I really think a lot of everything that happened last night was because of things at school as well. I was really stressed out last night, but some of it was our relationship as well.

B is in DSM for the night, first night of a 3 day. Barely talked to him.. but hey I guess whats what happens when you are a big ol’ captain on the bottom of the list.

He had two high speeds before tonight so he was tired when I talked to him at 2130. He had already taken a nap by mistake. He is so cute when he is tired. However I don’t think I’m going to be to sad about not seeing him on Sunday when he is done! The last day of four and five days can be rough, this is the last day of 6days on duty. Watch out!

Today was a pretty good day that the hospital for me, we only had one procedure in my room all day, which after the week of running with my head cut off and recovering from a cold, I was happy about. Made for a long day, and having a suduko puzzle I couldn’t get made it worse.

So I started making calls today about going to a therapist. Turns out its expensive!! And its hard to call people on a Friday at 1630-1700! LOL. So I’ll start over on Monday.

Anyway, Tomorrow looks like a day of laundry and unpacking the few boxes I have left to unpack. Also a trip to Target and Sam’s Club. If I get around to it!

Sunday, I’ll probably study my chapter on facial bones some more, and then maybe If B is really nice, I’ll go down to MSP to see B, his parents and his son.

Okay folks, thats all Have a good weekend!


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