The Female Micheal P.

So first of all, I sat down tonight to post on my own blog, 20 minutes later I'm tearing myself away from some random person's blog to write my own. I've come to love reading about random people's lives. I go to one of my fellow bloggers websites, then I click one of their fellow blogger's blogs, next thing I know I've seperated my self by six degrees and I'm reading Kevin's blog. HAHA...you get the point.

I went swimming tonight, after researching for my paper on polycystic kidney disease, and talking to a friend about her recent break-up. I did 35 laps tonight. I was all alone in the pool! I figured I'd make up for being 5 laps short yesterday. Then I was like hmm.. If i do ten more, I'll be at 50 laps in two day! FUN!!! So I did it.

50 Laps in two days, I'm wishing I would have joined the Swim Team back in high school, I could be the female Micheal! Probably not. Even though he eats 12000 calories a day, I still way more than him at my 1000ish. But I can dream. 

So when I first started this post my title was "hmm..not sure what to title this" you can now see the current one. :)

The thoughts that go on in my head!

I started trying to breathe to the left tonight, well swimming, I always breathe to the right, so thats my new thing. Train myself to breathe both directions. As well as really working on my form and holding my abs tight. I'm not sure if that will actually do anything to my abs, but again I can dream.

So one of the random posts I was reading was about being your self in your blog. Just incase you were wondering, since almost everyone that reads my blog, I've never met. This is the real true me. The me I wish I wasn't to self-concious to be. The me that doesn't care what people think. Just Me :)

B is on a week of high-speeds, makes it rough to have a realtionship, since he is off when I'm in school, flying when I'm sleeping and he is sleeping when I'm off. But Its only for a few more days. 

Well, I think I'm going to get ready for bed and do a bit more studying for my test tomorrow. YAY Pathology!

Signing off
A Keeping it Real KJ

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