What a Day

I have a list of things to mention:

  • schoolwork
  • clinicals
  • B
  • neighbors
  • weigh in day

When I got home today the list of homework due tomorrow sunk in. 
It seemed to be up to my ears that list. 
I got it done though. I sat down and pushed through!
(There talked about schoolwork)

Clinicals were tough today, I'm on the mobile rotation. I can't talk about what happened, but I had to go to the morgue to take postmortem x-rays. That's all I can say. I want to talk about it it was rough, I can't!!! I did however take the stairs most of the afternoon. I took the stairs from the top to the bottom literally. So I did get a work out in :D
(Talked about clinicals)

I talked with B last night about my blog. He said if you were to look up random blog in the encyclopedia, you would see a picture of my blog, and me as the author. Oh well. Its my outlet. I've noticed a change in me since I've started letting a lot more out on here. Since I've started using it "daily". Maybe its because I truly feel like I'm talking to someone? I don't know.. but I'm sorry my blog is random. 
He however did say he could not ever blog, because "he doesn't have enough going on in his brain to do that" like a put down to him. As if he has nothing going on in his head! My response - I feel a blog topic coming on. HA HA. He is on his last night of high speeds this week. :D
(Talked about B)

So the people across the courtyard and across the street have had their music on so loud today that I could understand the words in my kitchen with my living room door open. Ridiculous!
(Talked about neighbors)

So yesterday was weigh in day. No changes. NOT A ONE! So at least I didn't gain, but I didn't lose. I did go home, and didn't eat that well, so I'm trying to work harder on that. Hopefully the stairs today will help, and I plan on doing them again tomorrow, as well as swimming?
(talked about weigh in day)

Have a good night
Signing off
A "checking things off the list" KJ

2 Thoughts From Readers:

The Pilot's Wife said...

I dont think your blog is random at all! and so what if it is,its yours, it can be whatever you want it to be. I think it is a great outlet!I also love your song White houses, I am so putting that on my Ipod, and I am going to listen to more of her stuff to see if I like it!I love finding new music, I think the music we pick tells about our personality. I like yours.

Anonymous said...

When I typed 'random blog' into Google I got 'myrandomblog' and 'randomestblog' back, but not yours! So there you go... You're no longer random! :)