A lot has changed since my last real post.

I'm a year older and I'm not longer a blonde. I just dyed my hair tonight, its now a light amber brown, according to the color!

My weight hasn't changed a whole lot, yet when I went shopping for new pants, I walked with a size 18 in the bag and a size 22 on my waist. That felt really good!

B got full legal custody of A, had I mentioned to that? That's pretty amazing! N (A's mom) did get visitation rights, so I'll get to see A more as B will have to bring him up to N. 

Um... I'm not sure what all to update.  I've been crazy busy with school and getting ready for thanksgiving. I work tomorrow, actually getting paid not school work so that means double time. My parent's are coming down to have t-day with me. Therefore, I had to clean!!! OMG was my apartment a mess!! Almost too embarrassing for B to be here. However, I'm really proud of it now!!

Oh yeah, I started my surgical rotation a few weeks ago. I found it really boring due to being to short to actually see any blood and guts. Also, it was boring because the xray techs are called in when the surgeon needs a picture, then we leave until needed again.

Anyway, I have a few more preparations needed to do before my parents get here so...
Sorry I've been so slow on updating!

Signing off 
A brand new 

2 Thoughts From Readers:

Katie and Josh said...

Nice to see you back in the blog world again! I think surgery is boring too, and I'm tall! : )

Anonymous said...

Loving the new look blog! And seriously inspired by your wonderful body changes... I always say it's about tone and size not weight! Fab blog!