My Mind...

and the things that are on it...

I had an awesome shopping day with my BFF (and MOH) T. We hit the mall hard! Pretty sure the check cards were smoking...and I'm also pretty sure, I'll never be allowed near a coach store with her again...We were not good on the whole NO thing.

We just talked and shopped and drove and ate, and it was good.

Its 92 degrees here today...I sat out in the sun for a bit, but then the sun went behind the building so I went shopping. I had to get my oil changed and some things at target. Then I was super hot..wanted something cold to drink. I got a Arctic Rush from DQ...the last time I had one they were still called a Mr. Misty. Then I wanted something to eat. So I went to the near by Subway. All I wanted was a turkey round. Hmm, the last time I had been to a subway they still had round sandwhiches, they don't anymore. I don't usually like subway. I'll take Panear or Erbs and Gerbs over subway any day, but the idea of a round turkey was really appealing, so I went. They did not have! So I got a 6 inch. Okay, but not the same!

B and I had a good weekend the little bit we were together, talked about the invite situation, kind have it figured out. We also figured out our cake topper. So that is good!

Best of all I got him to go to the MOA on a Saturday! Granted we only went to Macy's and it was for him (us in the long run), but he still stepped foot inside MOA! We got linens for his place. He is getting ready to put his condo on the market, so we went to get nice linens to make his room and bathroom look nicer. They are very comfy! and pretty! The best part: we agreed on them! So now our guest bedroom will have linens. We are planning on getting a King bed that is why we can't use them for our room. Also! He saved like 300 some dollars on them! As they were on the clearance rack!


I better go do some homework and get packed up school tomorrow.

Signing off

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