non-rev travel

Hello from some random airport hotel in indy...

My flight had 30 open seats two hours before departure...when I got to the gate and asked the gate agent how it was looking for standbys...she tells me its looking good...ohhh...comes time to close the door....nope..no non revs...it is full!...

So here I am in Indy..not MN...I have class at noon...I hope I get back! I have to get up at 3 to catch a 4am van...to try for a 530 flight...did i mention..i don't have a toothbrush, because I had a crappy one with me so I threw it away this morning...oh and I didnt' pack any shower stuff as I was going to the In-Laws on stand by and well, thats to many liquids, so I packed the things I knew they wouldn't have for me to use....

AND!!! I'm out of clean clothes!!!!

I'm going to be stinky tomorrow!!!!


Don't worry dear passenger who gets to sit next to me, I'm going to take a shower, and use the hotel's icky soap, I will put on deodorant and perfume, I will use a tick tack in the am....and if I have time and money I will buy a toothbrush and toothpaste and brush my teeth at the airport, before the flight!

Anyway I'm off to bed!!!

Signing Off

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Rachel said...

The joys of non rev! :) Hope you make it back!