So!!! Who wants to hear about my past month?? Sorry I've been slacking, the whole not having internet at my apartment thing, made it hard to think about posting.

Things that have happened:

I GRADUATED!!!! I walked at graduation, got a signed diploma-Aug 21
Then I had to spend two more weeks making up clinical time! Let me tell you, that was hard!!!! It was really hard to not let senior-itis hit when I already had the diploma!!!

However in order to take my boards, I had to make up the time! So I had to go!!!...yuck

The last week I was at school I stayed with one of the x-ray techs, and her four kids (6, 2, 18months, 6months)...that was crazy!!! It was so fun though, much better than an apartment all by myself!!

I've been at my parents house the last week. Working on getting rid of stuff!

I'm a pack rat...however, I'm moving to Ohio! So I don't want to take all that crap with me!!! BUY NEW!!! *wink*

We met with the pastor yesterday, looked at wedding bands, met with the cake man, the wedding planner...and today we took engagement pictures! B and I have had a productive week...

We are leaving my parent's house Saturday morning for a wedding, dinner with the family in MSP Sunday, Taking my boards, seeing the TMJ doctore and trying on my wedding dress on Monday...Hitting the road to Ohio on Tuesday AM!!!

Speaking of the wedding dress...We also picked out bridesmaid, jr bridesmaid and flower girl dresses this past month, and B figured out the tuxes yesterday! We are on a roll!!!!

I'm really into working on wedding things at the moment! So I'm excited to get out to Ohio and get my wedding table set up! To PLAN PLAN PLAN!!!

Oh yeah, I suppose, I'll also need to find a job!!! A few apps are still out in limbo! I'm applying to all I see as far as X-Ray goes!

Hopefully after Monday I can say....

Signing Off

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