Mrs. Regional Pilot Now!

Well its official...

I know I KNOW I've been gone forever! Wedding planning, moving and the new job took a toll on me!

The wedding went super well! Just how I wanted everything was great!

I'm sure someone had to fix something that day, but as far as I'm concerned it could not have went better.

Now we are on to living married life.

Talking about what to do with our bills, who pays what, etc.

and the latest question....

Should B apply for Emirates Airline...any thoughts on this does anyone out there know anything about them or Dubai?? Comments please!!!

Signing Off


3 Thoughts From Readers:

Elsja said...

Congrats on the wedding!!

I've heard a lot of good things about emirates. My fiance talks about going to them one day far down the track (maybe before he retires) but part of me is still a bit weird about going to a place that is so backwards with their thinking about women and stuff. Did you see SATC2 yet? If you have, you'll know what I mean. THen again, it could be an amazing experience. Dubai is supposed to be awesome.

Nanie M. Ali said...

I think he should. The pay is good, the benefits aren't too bad either. Else he can also try Etihad or Qatar Airways.

Generally DXB is a good place to live in. Very modern. I think you and B might like it there :)

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