All Moved In

Well, I’m been living with Jess for 2 weeks now, all is going well, its kind of a nice change from coming home to an empty place. I do miss some of my old place, i.e. the storage. But thats about it!

As for this coming weeks events,

Valentine’s Day! B was already given his present, I got him a grill pan for his gas stove top. He enjoyed it I like to think. Anyway we won’t be together on the 14th as he has to be at a custody hearing. So I’m a little bummed about that as it is cutting into my time with him. He was also suppose to work the 14th, but had to do some switching. Turned out that scheduling was willing to work with him. SURPRISE SURPRISE!

However, we will be together on Tuesday and a little bit of the day on Wednesday. I’m hoping he realizes how important this year is to me. I feel like we’ve kind of been drifting apart the last few months with all the custody stuff going on. Therefore I want our own special valentine’s day to be really romantic, and I hope he knows that. I’m not saying I want a ring and all that jazz, just maybe a gift and a date with a little bit of thought put into it. I’ve loved my flowers the last two years, but He uses his american express points to buy them, and this year I want something more, unexpected I guess.

I have to be up at 6 for clinicals so I’m off to bed. Have a wonderful night.

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