Time to Pack

Well, I spent the weekend with B. I just got back, and got word that I’ll be moving this weekend, so now I have to spend the week packing, while B is at work and seeing his Son.

Anyway, B and I had a pretty stressful few hours on Saturday. I supposedly said something in a way that created a scene at target, when all I did was ask him what he was doing. I was wondering why he wasn’t getting the bags out of the cart. He went ahead and informed me of the fact that I created a scene, which in turned almost caused another one. Before this happened I wanted to hold his hand while we were shopping, and he informed me I was creating a scene then as well. That just really upset me, I took it more as he was embarrassed to hold my hand or something. Anyway I told him when we got in the car, that I was done, I didn’t want to deal with him or his all mighty attitude anymore.

I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching lately and praying about our relationship, if this is what God wants for me then I’m all about it but if its not I need a sign from him, and the way I’ve been treated lately is kind of in a way a sign, but then B goes and acts all sweet and lovely, then I take that as a sign I’m supposed to be with him. Its so frustrating!!!

Anyway I told B that he gets one more chance to not think before he says something that he knows will upset me, and then I’m done for sure. I think he respects that, and hopefully he won’t mess up cuz I love him so much!

Anyway, So I’ll be packing all week I’m moving and getting a roommate as I said, so you’ll probably hear more about that later.

I’m off to bed I’ve been feeling hung over all day, YET ONLY HAD HALF A BEER LAST NIGHT. So I don’t so much think its a hang over!

Have a Good night!!


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