Saturday Night...

Okay first of all I just realized its 2100 on a Saturday! Anyway, I'm still recovering from my cold earlier in the week. I also just realized, I'm newly addicted to the internet. From Blogging here or my new favorite forum for a pilot's support system.
I've done a lot of blogspot surfing and message boarding today.
But I also did 5 loads of laundry and went shopping!!
B got to his over night at like noon today. I still find that funny after all his trips like that. However he had already flown four flights. CRAZY!!!!
I'm actually enjoying this day of nothing I have to do. I didn't have to go anywhere, see anyone or even talk to anyone. Its been awhile since I've had one of those days.

So random thing i read on JetGirls. It was something about separating classes on planes between Passengers with no kids and Families.

I'm really split on this idea. I do however believe it would take a lot of work for this to happen, and as most airlines work these days it would never happen.

However, I'm just thinking what I would like: I do think this a wonderful idea.
I've traveled alone and I've traveled with B's Son A.
I think that it would be a wonderful idea, so that I don't have to worry about A (or my own children when that day comes) disturbing other passengers. I'm one of those people on a plane who is very observant to those around I do my best to do things that will not bother them. So when I traveled with A it was a lot of work making sure he was kicking the seat in front of me or screaming and what not. If there was a family only section, I wouldn't have to worry as much if A was doing that, because more than likely he wouldn't be the only child doing it.
I would also have a more peaceful trip when flying by myself, however I don't mind children most of the time, I have my moments when I want quietness, or not to have a "back massage".

Whats your take?

Well I'm going to get ready for bed I think.
Have a good night and Safe flying.


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