I just got home from a night of babysitting. Whew...I've babysat for these kids before and I adore them, but I'm wiped out, bedtime stunk tonight. Its hard when its not my children and they aren't use to being home with a babysitter, so it was kinda rough tonight.

Anyway, I'm watching last night's episode of Army Wives, and it gets me thinking every time I watch it, how lucky I am that their are people out there serving our country so that I can have the life I have.

I wish I could personally thank every man, woman, mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin to every person serving in our armed forces. They definatly are a number one hero in my book! Seriously THANK YOU!!!!!! I can't imagine what you all go through on a daily basis. I think its hard being a girlfriend to an airline pilot, but man to be involved with someone in the armed forces has got to be rough.
Anyway I'm off to bed. Thank You service men, women, and families.

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Katie and Josh said...

Oh my gosh! I just stumbled upon your blog and realized we have SO MUCH in common! I just got married to my pilot, and I am a 2nd year in X-ray school too! And I am absolutely obsessed with the show "Army Wives"! How funny is that?