Stressed out With This


This is my first post, and normally I wouldn’t be posting a post like I’m going to be, except I’m not sure where to turn, or where to seek advice, and I was hoping maybe someone would read this and help me out a bit…

The background info:

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost a year (Oct 05), he was offered his job with a regional in march, graduated in may, and started training a week later…I didn’t think we would make it through training, but we did…and tonight I hate his job, and getting quite upset with him over little stupid things that don’t matter…

the cause tonight:

him not calling me….now yes, we talk to each other and he eventually calls….

I’m upset that’s all there is to it, not only at him but at myself, i get upset with him for not being around, and then upset with myself because I’m upset with him….and it seems no matter how hard i try to explain to him how I’m feeling, he doesn’t get it….

ARE THERE ANY WIVES/GIRLFRIENDS OUT THERE WHO CAN HELP ME OUT….give me advice on how to make our relationship work when I’m ready to give up?? please let me know


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