Whew...Its Friday!

Hi ya! Alright first of all I need to inform you in case you haven’t figured out from my last post, when it comes to typing on blogs, or messege boards, ims, or emails, if they aren’t to someone that I need them to be professional for I’m very causal in my typing. I don’t like to formulate real sentences I guess.

Now on to why I want to post:

B (My boyfriend, the FO) was up this week. It was wonderful, after the weekend I was really feeling discouraged about ‘us’ but after him being here for us to talk and for him to hold me, I’m feeling alot better. He is moving into a townhouse and out of the crash pad on the 1st, so that will help our realtionship to, we’ll be able to talk more freely and I can go stay with him and such. We had a good few days, did the couply things I was missing, and spent all the time together we could, he even came to physics with me :) He is on day one of a four day trip today. Flying all over. As of right now I’m definatly feeling that I can live without him but there is no way in Hell that I want to…give me a few days, I’m sure I’ll be wondering what I’m doing again, but I hope to keep this opinion instead of wanting it to be over again.

One thing however that I could do with out is all the airplane talk…I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT therefore it makes it very boring, its not every day but that is one thing that I have to deal with as I am a girlfriend of a pilot. I have learned a lot more than I knew a year ago (before we started dating). But as most people in this industry would think if they asked me a question would think I know nothing…I still feel that way.

A new learning experience is in the works for me as I will be flying non-rev next weekend to ohio. Now, coming from a family who didn’t travel much I’ve been on a commercial plane:

1. to DC when i was younger than one

2. to flordia in fourth grade

3. to south parde Island in 10th grade

4. to florida freshman year of school and

5. to Ohio over new year’s last year to see B

and my non commerical flight: B took me flying in a 2 seater (i believe its a Cessna,i dont’ know if i spelled that right, or if thats what it was)

So for going non-rev, I’m not sure what to do…how it works, what to pack (and being a girl thats going to be hard to carry on) and how to handle sitting at the airport, waiting for a flight..this will be an experience for me thats for sure but I’m also going into it thinking the worst: that i’ll be at the airport all day waiting for a flight I can get on…and eventually I’ll get there..

alright thats enough from me tonight, Sorry if I bored you, this is just me rambling…get use to it or move on

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