What a week it has been!

Our new director took over the program this week, we met with her on Tuesday and today to go over all of the changes, some good, some bad, some needed, some not wanted!
The biggest change of all is that instead of two classes at a time, we have 5. We meet two times a week. This is on top of clinicals and I've started working now, so its going to be a very rough year.
I'm worried, our cross-sectional anatomy class is basically doing our workbook. We haven't actually had a class yet, but we have chapters one and two due on Tuesday. This wouldn't be so bad but we don't' actually have a text book. She was trying to save us some money and just got us the workbook. She has one book that we can all use, if needed. FYI I JUST FINISHED IT BUT I NEEDED THE BOOK!! I'm thinking about just ordering if from amazon, but I'm worried she might decide to have us buy them then I would have two, because she would order it without telling us.

I went to my therapy appointment yesterday, I think its really going to help. We talked a lot about vindictive people, but I think we might get to the bottom of my issuses!!!
Anyway I just thought an update was needed. I really need to go study chapter 13 in procedures, chapter one in pathology, chapter 22 in CT. Hey at least I have one class done, and one tech. hasn't started. YAY ME

Signing off
A "ruffled feathered" KJ

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