Should be in bed!

So I should be sleeping, and I'm tired so I want to be, but I'm at B's and the neighbor's are listening to music, super LOUDLY! B left for a four day yesterday, I however enjoy just being at his condo, even if he isn't here. There is a super comfy couch, and bed. Along with the big screen plasma tv and the surround sound, the only thing missing is food, LOL. Since B isn't usually here his fridge is lacking, but I brought some main things with me because I knew I'd be here all weekend!
We talked yesterday morning before he left about Capt J's wife's post. It was a list of things she wants changed or whatnot. Totally understandable so I told B that when we are married and living together and he is just sitting on reserve he would be helping out around the house. B told me that he will be holding down the couch and catching up on tv because on reserve you have to be ready to go at a moments notice so you can't be in the middle of something. I told him NO, you will at least do things like clean up the bathroom and such, because you can at least start that project and not finish it. I did however say that he didn't have to start laundry unless he knew I was going to be around to finish it. So we agreed and he knows whats expected of him. Yet with out Capt J's wife I would have never thought about it. We are also at least a year from being married so he might conviently "FORGET" this converstation as he seems to do with something....men..

Signing off

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