Home, Sweet Home

Well, this post comes from the artic circle! I've gone home for the weekend, home for me is closer to canada then most people in the US.

I do however want to send my thoughts and prayers out to those affected by IKE. That is why when I move out of this stupid state of MN. (Stupid because winter is coming, and I'm so sick of winter) I will not be moving to a coast state. I'm one girl who is scared of every storm. I want to move somewhere super quiet in terms of weather. :)
I'm home for a wedding of a relative, younger than me, been with the guy less than B and I to I'm sure. I'm a bit jealous lol! However, I'm super happy for her as this guy is supposedly super amazing, i've never spent a whole lot of time with him. And My day will come. :D

Home is nice, I've been naughty and haven't opened a book. I have however had lots of time to play with my cat. I've missed him!

One quick question...How do I post a you tube video on my blog??

Well I need to get all dressed up for the wedding! A plus to being in xray school, I enjoy getting out of my scrubs once and awhile!

A light shade of green

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