Ready to Pack Up

So as you might have read in my last post, I went home this weekend.

This weekend I ran into so many people from my past. A lot of family friends were out this weekend, and the biggest question I couldn't really answer I got, was "what are your plans after school?"

My plans after school vaguely: get a job, wherever I can. 

My dream plans for after school: move out of the state of MN, somewhere warm, but somewhere without hurricanes, and not a whole lot of tornadoes. I have no idea. Somewhere where I can be free to be me, somewhere were B and I can enjoy life. Maybe I'll have a ring, and go where he wants, Ohio by chance? Who really knows about that. I just know I'm going where I can get a job. 

Another Pain about going home, I spent the whole weekend at home with my parents. Even though, I did my mom calls me like every 20 min with questions, about random stuff. HELLO MOM, I JUST TOLD YOU I WAS STUDYING, WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME AGAIN?
I spent the whole weekend with you, you could have asked me that yesterday, even this morning before I left. 

It just really starts to get on my nerves, you would think after every weekend I go home, I'd be use to this. I'm not. hmm... I hope I'm not like that.

Ok I'm off to Study, since I didn't open a book all weekend. 

A Learning about pharmacology 

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