My "wifely" duties...

So I just learned what my life will be like should B and I get married.
I will be in charge of household chores, he will be in charge of yardwork. This doesn't seem to fair considering he is in a career that could have him gone for weeks at a time. Am I suppose to just let the yard to to hell in a handbasket until he gets back? Probably not...therefore my REAL duties....
My own job
Our Children
Cleaning the house, I hope its going to be small due to it is my duty!
Laundry, umm is there such thing as paper clothes?
Other things, I'm not a wife yet, nor have I ever been so I'm not sure what else is included.
Then when he gets home, he wants "down" time.
I'm not sure how your pilots, if you have a pilot, are on trips, but mine likes to go out if the overnight is long enough.
Therefore while I'm doing all this yard work, he will be out partying?...sound fair?
Then when he gets home he gets more "down"time ?? When will it be my turn for "down" time??
Hmm, I'm not sure I want this life? I want help around the house...hmm...what to think?

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