Weigh In

So just a quick post while A is in the tub. Yes that is right, I'm playing mom tonight. A and B are here on their way to A's mom's. 

Anyway I weighed myself yesterday morning. 
Thats almost 8 pounds in one month. Thats 2 lbs. a week! I'm on track! I so happy yesterday I was telling everyone! haha!!! 
Anyway I gotta go check on A cuz B is to busy watching The Office. Luckily I live in a one bedroom apt LOL

Have a good night

Signing off 
A lighter KJ

2 Thoughts From Readers:

Nicole Bullock said...

Hi there, I'm another regional pilot wife/partner. I just found your blog and have added you to my list. Feel free to check out my blog, and good luck with the weight loss!

jen said...

what are you doing to lose?? share...share...share!