A new hospital!

Well, I will make this kind of short, I'm killing a bit of time before heading back to the hospital. B had abdomen pain today starting at about four so we had to cancel our "anniversary" plans. Three years this coming tuesday, but tonight was suppose to be the fancy romantic get all dressed up dinner. Anyway with his pain he didn't want to go, which is fine i could tell he was really hurting. Not sick, hurting. So after bout 6 hours of pain I talked him into going to the ER. Good thing too, 15 min after getting triaged, he passed out...That is the quickest way to an ER room! After 4 hours in the ER, he has an acute appendicitis, will be having surgery soon. I just needed to come home and take out my contacts get my glasses and a few books to read tomorrow while I'm sitting there. 

However, this is not the most "family" oritenated hospital ever. I come from a hospital where family is whoever the patient says it is. Therefore when I go into a room to get a patient or take an xray, I introduce myself and expain everything to everyone. People aren't really talking to me, I feel more in the way than anything else. And I'm all alone. I do not want to sit at the hospital and watch the love of my life sleep  and suffer alone. And i really don't want to sit there while he is in surgery by myself! I know its nothing I know its just and appendectomy and they do those all the time, every day. But its still rough when its a loved one. And his family isn't here, I'm all he has, so...i'm struggling with the staying strong. watching him pass out and go gray was so scary! I've had patients do it so its nothing new, but when it is your loved one sitting there turning gray man it feels like the world is ending!! ANd did I mention how alone you feel??? Anyway I better start getting back, I need to call scheduling for him, Highly doubt they will want him flying tomorrow! 
Anyway...just had to vent

Signing off
A Super SUper Worked up and all alone

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jen said...

oh my goodness.
so sorry that you are having to deal with all that!
please let me know if i can help you in anyway. i'm in mpls...

it is very frustrating as the significant other. just remember that you have every right to be there...it's up to the patient. they are probably just rather overwhelmed, as are you...i'm sure, and things always seems more frustrating in those circumstances.

thinking of you guys.