Thanks Jen for the support!!

B made it through surgery just fine. His appendix had not rupture so that was good. I also made it, i ran up little 5-10 min cat naps for almost 36 hours! 
I had planned to call my aunt and uncle to come sit with me during B's surgery, when we knew what time it would be I was going to call. Well the hospital did not do things the way the said they would. The surgeon did not come talk to us in a few hours of being admitted like we were told. NO one told me anything! So I sat at the hospital, in the family lounge, which just had waiting room chairs, not the nice room (we found that after surgery and B was up walking with me). Finally at 7 am I called my aunt and uncle to come sit me because I was sick of sitting alone. Ten min before they got there B was told he would be taken down. So they made it I didn't sit alone while he was in surgery and recovery. It was so wonderful of them! Family is great! Anyway...
B is back home, watching TV and eating like normal. So he is doing really well.  His mom is driving from his home state right now. She started yesterday afternoon. Its a long drive! So she will be here for the week for him so I can go back to school. He is doing fine though, which is good. 

And as he says, He promises to never have an appendicitis again.

Signing off
A happy to have slept in a bed

2 Thoughts From Readers:

Mandy said...

glad to hear he doing well and that you werent alone .. hope his recovery goes smoothly and that his mom has a safe trip:)

jen said...

i couldn't sit in mpls and not have offered.
glad to hear things are good, better.
and his appendix comment. funny.
take care.