Photos from my relaxing weekend.

Pictures from the Apple Farm
This late in the year all the honey crisps were on the ground :( Tear

Way up in the sky...
Here we found a honey crisp, yet it was to high for me

Luckily B is tall!

B saving the Honeycrisp!

If they weren't on the ground, they were holey, might have to make it bigger to see the big worm hole in the middle!

Proof we went to Ikea
The lamp B wants!

Sorry folks, thats all!
Signing Off

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Nicole said...

I tasted my first Honeycrisp today, and it was incredible. When I went to the orchard the other day, I was told they'd been sold out for days, so I had to scour a few grocery stores before I found one. I'm also a fan of the Cortland apples.