Well I finally had 3 days off in a row that included no plans!

For one whole month (9-2 to 10-2) I had plans everyday, somone was counting on me to something or be somewhere. Not this weekend! Well, kind of I guess. B was expecting me to be there. My mom was expecting me to get my aunt her birthday present. Other than that nothing!

B had to sit resevere all weekend. So we weren't really able to plan a whole lot ahead of time. 
I went to get the present and got it to my aunt.(I haven't seen her since before the "bet" and she thinks I've lost weight! :D)
We watch casablanca
We went to an apple orchard, which also had a winery...bought some wine :D
We went to Ikea- bought more than I had expected!
We went to the mall-bought nothing :(
We went out to dinner (good dinner, nice restaurant, bad service, got sick, up all night!)
We went to nick and norah's infinate playlist (not a bad movie, really enjoyed it)

Then I spent the night on Sunday at B's even though he was not there because I was in such a groove on the homework. So I had to get up earlier today to make it to school, but it worked!

UGI test tomorrow...urgh...I'm so sick of homework, and studying! I can't remember if I said anything, but I failed my test last week. I wasn't the only one. Only one person passed it. Anyway! I'm a bit discouraged and sick of my stupid books!!!

I should get studying! Have a good night!

Signing off
A refreshed 

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