Hmm..spread the wealth it is I guess..

WELL FYI that is not fun!!! I've been doing that all day! My car was broken into last night, and unfortently I had forgotten my wallet in the glove box. Therefore someone has been spending my hard earned money all day. 
I reported and won't actually have to pay all the credit card charges, but its probably people like that, that have caused the issues all along. If you are to lazy to get your own job, to stupid to figure out there is a spare key to the car in the car. To stupid to stop trying to make charges after holds have been placed on the card, YOU ARE WHY WE HAVE TO SHARE THE WEALTH. GET A REAL JOB AND YOU'D WOULDN'T BE HAPPY SHARING THE WEALTH EITHER.

I've had the worst day, on top of everything else that has been going on lately.

Signing Off
A brand new person (new credit cards, new checking account, new ids, new everything)

2 Thoughts From Readers:

Cpt. J's Wife said...

I am sorry that that happened to you - it sucks to be violated like that. Just know that you are amongst many of us who feel the same way.

Summer said...

Oh, I couldn't agree more. Found you through another pilot wife blog.

Sounds like a terrible day. Couldn't read that post and not comment.

Love the look of your blog - very cute.

I'm the wife of a cargo pilot. Just thought I'd say hi!