I'm in the mood to post, but I don't have a lot to say. 

B and I had a rough patch last week, things are better, we've talked things out and have promised to work on issues. 
I went to therapy today, that was alright. 
One more day to election day! I'm so sick of the ads. How can Al Franken say he is better for senate because he didn't vote on the bail out bill. WELL NO SHIT AL! Last I heard you AREN'T IN OFFICE YET!!!! You can't vote for it if you aren't in the senate!!!
Also, I'm still really struggling with why people think OBAMA is so great? He is going to give money from the hard working folks to those to lazy to get off their asses? 
I'm not saying McCain is really the greatest choice for President either, but really why do you think that is fair? I don't have a real job yet, but honestly I don't want your money random person making to much money. I want to work to get my own, or get married and have B's (lol!) . If that's the case and we get married and I don't have to go to a real job, I'll be a stay at home mom working my ass off anyway. Being a SAHM is a rough job I'm sure, especially when your husband is a pilot. 

On another election note my aunt is up for election in MN Supreme Court Seat 4. (for you MN readers the incumbent, she doesn't necessarily share all my opinions, and when asked her political affiliation she will just tell you she is not at liberty to say, but she believes in enforcing the law, SHE DOES NOT MAKE THEM!) She would appreciate your vote!

A's bday is tomorrow! Hard to believe that little boy has been in my life for three years. He is the sweetest and most well behaved three year old I know! Its crazy to see how much he has changed in the last year since B's family has had temp. custody. B and his family go to court for custody on Thursday. I know whatever is best for A will happen, but I just hope its what is best for B and his family as well as Me. :D

My Birthday is coming up. Just an FYI, Nov. 13. I'm crazy excited for it, no plans yet, but I love my birthday.

Anyway I thought I had nothing to blog about, but I guess I did once my fingers started typing. 

Pathology test tomorrow....I hope I don't fail this one too!

I should get ready for bed I'm sleepy!

Have a good night!!
Thanks for keeping up with my blog until the end. 

Signing off 
A typing like a crazy person

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