Home sweet Home

So I should be in bed sleeping the night away, instead I'm sitting up putting old cds I found in my closet on my computer.  I'm at home. HOME HOME. I need to get up and drive to school home tomorrow to work, then to B's home after work for our new years eve night. He made reservations at a cute little resturant downtown. I'm really excited, I finally get my fancy romantic dinner!!! Only took 2 months :)

B informed me tonight, that his airline put out a memo that they are going to be displacing 30 captains. For you non airline people this means they will be putting 30 newly made captains back to a first officer position. 
Now you may remember that B is a newly made captain. Luckily he is not low enough to be in the bottom 30. 
However if they do this again, he most likely will be displaced as he is in the bottom 60. 


It would be nice to have a good schedule again, but sucky pay, so I'm split as to what I would like to have happen. I'll keep ya posted!

I'm ready to leave home, I was going to this morning then I didnt' get moving in time and this wonderful mn weather, I figured I'd wait one more day!

There is a lot of tension at home these days. I'm not sure why, but when I spend to many days with my mother, I get really tense. She likes to ask questions and be in my business, that bothers me. She can't really ever sit in silence. Sometimes a girl needs quite you know? Then their computers went to crap and she doesn't really know how to use them anyway. She gets fed up with electronics very fast and doesn't take the time to learn about them. Its hard to handle, my poor dad caught the wrath tonight about not fixing the printer and la de dah. Turns out a) the printer was jammed and b) my dad had changed up the network a bit when he got his new blue ray disc player that streams netflix movies so it messed up the wireless network..easy fixes, someone just needed the time to FIX!!

Well ladies and gents, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you the best in 2009!!
I have a very long day ahead of me I must hit the hay!

Signing off, 
A burned out

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