Ring in the new year

Little did I know when I made super duper exciting plans to ring in the new year, that I would be actually RINGing in the new year.

Ladies and Gents, the name of my blog will have to change!

I am not longer a girlfriend of a regional airline pilot!

As the ball was dropping, as the clock struck 0000 I became ENGAGED!!!!

B was so romantic last night it was just the perfect night, even before he popped the question!!
I was eventually able to fall asleep last night,but I can't sleep now. Which is okay as we have to be up soon anyway to catch our flight out to his parents house. OMGoodness!!! I'm still jumping inside, I'm so excited and since I couldn't get a hold of the few people I still want to tell myself and I really want to tell someone, I told you, my fellow bloggers!

Its a beautiful day!
Happy NEW Year to you and yours. I wish you only the best in 2009!!!

Signing Off
Fiance of Captain B

4 Thoughts From Readers:

jen said...

how exciting!
and i'm so glad i'm the first (bloggy) friend to wish you congratulations!!!

can't wait to watch the wedding plans unfold! minneapolis wedding???

Nicole said...

Congrats!! I'm so excited for you. I know a lot of pilots seem to have commitment issues, so it's a good sign that B was willing to take the plunge. Good luck with all the planning!

Cpt. J's Wife said...

Congratulations, enjoy this time together!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I so wish I was engaged to Bf!