I just wanted to put a little message out there to my best friend T.

You are one of the greatest people in the world.
You mean so much more to me than I let on. 
I wish I was more of a friend to you then I am at times. 
I wish that you and I lived closer, so that we could spend more time together.
Most of all, I'm so happy that you will be standing next to me as my parents give me away, as I become a wife and a mother. 
I can't imagine anyone else I'd want right there next to me then you.
We've had our rocky times, and we've had smooth sailing.  At the times, I hated those rocky moments, I have now grown to see that those reasons are why we are so close, why we are who we are. 

T. Thank you for always being someone I can count on!

My eyes were opened again today, and every moment like these I've dealt with make me realize how great of a friend I have in you. I just wanted you to know I appreciated it!

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