Random Events!

So, tonight was my third night of golf lessons, we learned about the swing.

Before class I tried to practice a bit, not really sure what I was doing. I hit the ball just a few times, and not very far. 
As we got done with the classroom bit, I was feeling more confident. 
We hit the dome. 
I hit the back wall!!! Not the first time and not all the time.
But I did get my ball to go in the air all the way to the wall!!! Most of the time I got it to go half way to 3/4 of the way to the wall.  It was pretty fun, and I beginning to think I've found a new hobby. :D

Another crazy thing that has been happening, I've getting phone calls from 2 different weird phone numbers, at all random times of the day. Weird because there is an extra digit!
I'm going to publish these numbers, because these people are ticking me off! SOME PEOPLE LIKE TO SLEEP AT 4 AM!!! Plus, when I call the numbers back, I get an "incorrect number or code" message!
These calls started Saturday Morning at 3 am which I slept through I guess, they let me sleep on Sunday. Monday I got one at 6am woke me up. And in the afternoon missed in, during clinicals. Tuesday 4 AM! Woke me, kept me awake for an hour, then I finally got to sleep, for 30 min, then I had to get up. Today again at 630  am, 730, 11, 130. ANNOYING!!!
Oh and when I actually answered the phone calls, they hung up a few seconds after I said Hello, or who is this?

Okay here goes, 
If you recognize these numbers please get me the people's info or tell them to leave me alone!!!
2 521 592 5146
2 526 274 0773
B just called, he had been talking to Sprint about these calls, they can't block them. There is nothing they can do....GRRRRRR

Alrighty, well 
I bought some new wedding mags. today so I'm going to go look at those!!

Signing off
A really wanting to just plan the entire wedding and ignore the rest of life

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Elsja said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and had a laugh when I saw the bit about the numbers calling you over and over. I had a problem with that awhile back with some company calling me about my prescription being ready. They always asked for Tara (not me). It went on for months... I tried everything- first I told them they had the wrong number and to take me off their lists. Then I googled them and found other people had the same problem. So then I started pretending I was Tara just to see what they would say, I even gave them a fake address once of where to send the so called prescription. Finally I resorted to downright anger and cussing and told them to F off. Then I moved and didn't take my cell phone with me. They can call all they want now- no one will be answering. :)