My old stomping grounds...

So for the most part I keep a lot of who I am secret, if you are an avid reader of my blog, you know this.

However I'm freaking out tonight about what is going on in the town in which I use to live. Where I go to school...when I'm not at this internship. When I wake up tomorrow it could all be under water. I have this terrible feeling about it all. If you have been living under a rock the last week.. Fargo, ND is about to flood. Along with all the areas along the Red River. (Fact: the red river flows north, I'm amazed by how many times I've heard people say that they didn't know that, living where I live now. THEY SHOULD KNOW THAT! For more information see here) Anyway, back to why I'm freaking out..my brother has chosen to say and help his buddies. I have this feeling in my gut, that I can't shake. I've gotten this feeling before a few times. Turns out it usually means something. The last time I had one this strong, we had three trauma codes in one night. I've gotten it almost every trauma code that as come in. I don't think its breaking HIPAA to say that our hospital has taken in some of the evacuees from the hospital in Fargo that closed. So we are already hopping with extra patients, probably just because they all came at the same time. All our doctors have new patients, that they don't know that much about, so LOTS of tests are being ordered. 

That's a lot of rambling going on there...sorry...I just can't stop thinking about all the people I know up there, who I don't know if they are safe. Have they lost their house? All their memories? Their pets? This happens, the red floods every year...but not to the extend of breaking records. So I'm use to that...its just the extent...people aren't leaving, LEAVE!!! Get out...get your memories together, not your things, and GO!!!

Oh and my brother is was half way home, because you see, this F/M area is just where we go to school. So he is half way home and his friend calls, another friend needs help getting his house ready. So my parents told my brother to do what he had to. HE TURNED AROUND!!! Now I know that I'm being selfish, but this thing in my gut, this feeling that is rocking me to my soul, wants him out of there!!! I want home, safe and sound.  I also am very proud of my little brother, for being so caring and helpful. I just hope he stays smart about it all.

Okay, so after writing that last sentence, I had to call my brother to tell him I love him and to also tell him I'm proud of him. He told me he loved me too, in front of all his buddies, he has done that before, and that makes me even more proud of the man he is growing up to be. My dad also called to tell me that my brother is safe, turns out he is staying with a family and father is on the police force for Moorhead, so I would think that L, my brother, is safe.

I think its time to go read my bible, as I need some guidance

Signing Off
A praying for the Red River Valley 

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