Wow, a lot has happened since my last post. 

For those of you looking for wedding updates scroll past this first section:
Updates to my last post:
I wanted to comment on a comment I received after my last post, but before I do Thank you to everyone for the comments!!! I love reading what other people feel. I just wish there was a better way for me to reply back to you. 
Anyway I just got a comment today, and it made me want to clarify something. 
If B and I were married right now, I would have understood his frustration. I wouldn't have talked about the golf lessons with my dad. I would have discussed them with B, due to our money being OUR money. Right now, at this stage in life, MY money is MY money, B's money is B's money, and my dad's money is MY DADS. 
However, after a long fought battle that night, I told B I would ask my dad if he thought it was a smart idea, or if I should try return the money. Because $13o could really be used elsewhere right now in my life. Like Rent or my wedding fund. 
So my dad and I agree that if they would let me return them I would, and B and I agreed that if I still like golf, after actually golfing on a course, he and I would take lessons. Later in life, when we can afford them.

Wedding updates:
I sent the check off to the DJ to book them so that is done. woohoo!

However, the biggest update yet:
i found THE, THE, THE, dress. 
I'm super excited about it, I had my camera with me all week and was showing it to everyone at the hospital!
Sorry, I can't post a picture, B sometimes reads this. 
Its super pretty, and people have been telling me its flattering, so that's a plus. And I feel really pretty and comfortable in it. 
I didn't exactly get the whole "ahhhhhh" moment (like when angels appear and light shines on you because heaven as opened up) but I didn't want to take it off, and I couldn't stop smiling, but when I took it off and tried on other dresses nothing compared. I wanted nothing more than to put the other dress on. So I did, and stood in in for a very long time, I'm planning on going back in a few weeks with T (MOH) because she couldn't make it that day, and well, lets face, I want to put it on again and again! That is when I'm going to order it. 

It was a very fun day, and I need to say thank you to my aunts J and L and my friend M for coming, as well as my mom for traveling all over the state to help me find the dress!!!!

Another super fun thing happened that day: my aunt J asked if she could make my veil! I started crying at the moment! I'm going to get my dream veil for $215 less than it would be to buy it at the store. :D Thanks again J!!!!

Anyway, I had a long night. I went out to dinner and movie with a new friend it was awesome! and I work at 6am so I'm off to bed...

Signing Off
An 'updated' KJ

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