If things work out....

GRR... I'm so ticked right now!!!

I got my hopes up, B had said that he might be able to come see me tonight, instead he is going to see A. Not a big deal, if that were the only thing.
All are phone conversations lately have added up to about five minutes a day, since I saw him the week of his brother's wedding, which was in April. 
I was suppose to spend Sunday night with him, he had to work, again not a big deal, but that was the only planned time of seeing him the whole month of May. 
I'm having surgery next Friday, again, not a big deal, I would just like to see him prior, just in case! 

He has the nerve to say to me today, he might make it to my graduation, this Saturday morning. If things work out. Realize he is on reserve Friday night and Saturday night, and every other flipping time we schedule to see each other. Or he gets himself extended.....I'M SO SICK OF THIS!!!!

I can not wait until the day when he goes home, to see A, I will also be at that home, because it will be our home. Its been let down after let down this month. 

Even in April at the wedding we barely had time together, he was a groomsman and I had to take care of A, and it was event after event after event the whole time. 

I think it would all be better if we could talk on the phone, like talk talk, not "i thought I'd call quick because I'm on a maintenance delay, but I gotta call my mom now." or " I'm sorry I feel asleep and I'm going to just go back to bed, good night, I Love You" I realize that I'm lucky we get that little bit, its just hard. 

In happier news: I'm walking at graduation on Saturday and only 100 more days until I'm officially board ready!!! Hopefully also 100 days until full time work...or maybe 105, so I have time to move and take the exam! 

Wedding planning is in full swing again lately. I'm meeting with the florist on Friday. The guest list: 425 eek!!! I think the place only holds 400! And I still have people to add, so I'm going to have to subtract people! 

I plan on getting more things figured out when I'm at my parent's home recovering from surgery, the Gall Bladder is coming out on May 22!!

I also found out that I need to have my TMJ looked at. B if you are reading this, now you know. I haven't had a chance to tell you that. That appt is in the cities on June 22 :D at least its covered with my great insurance :D

Anyway, I think I'm going to clean, this place is a pig st ye! My mom would tell you that I'm not over reacting, it would have been considered a pig st ye to her months ago! :D

Signing Off
A "channelling cinderell-y"

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