HEY!!!! I know I'm like never around!! But I'm learning the life of being a live in soon to be step mom and a live in soon to be daughter in law...and I'm just not around my computer enough anymore...because the stupid battery doesn't last so i have to keep it plugged in and it is to much hassle to unplug it and bring it to another room and then plug it in!

Anyway!!! I got a job! I'm super excited about it!!!! I start the 26th!! Yippie!!!!

Also: News flash: It is fall here...has been for a few weeks...the leaves are changing and falling...not freezing to death while still green!!! I've never (or at least can't remember) experienced a fall that has lasted this long, or been this beautiful! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll post pictures soon!!!

Anyway I'm off!!

Signing Off...
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