My first day of work was yesterday! It was awesome!!! I met someone famous...of course I can't tell you who. (That would be a HIPPA violation and I would lose my license!) Anyway for it being my first day, that was neat! I had today off, I woke up, got out of bed, and was sad because I didn't have to go to work. I'm looking forward to going to tomorrow though. I'll be doing mostly the OR rotation. Which will be okay since I'll get lots of experience and then will rock that C-ARM!!! Wippie! Go me!!!

Wedding plans are coming along! I found the Gap Clearnce Store. This, my friends, it the real Gap Outlet. Also includes Banana Republic and Old Navy! I got some sweet favors there, two for 26 cents!!! Talk about crazy good deal!!! Yet, I keep having to make trips to go get them as they only let you buy 10 of a style at a time. I'm getting there!

Oh.. and have you heard of zappos?

I ordered shoes from them last night. (10:34pm) Free shipping! They upgraded me to overnight for FREE!!! The UPS knocked on the door at like 10:36 am with my shoes this morning!!! I'm so excited!!! Yet I had to exchange them, as they are to narrow. I called them and they made me a VIP!!!

Check them out!

Well I need to see if my MIL will help me with my pants that I'm bringing to get altered. I also need to pack a lunch and figure out what I'm going to wear to work tomorrow.

Take care!!!

Signing Off
a hoping to meet another celebrity tomorrow-


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