So my emails keep getting hacked...it totally sucks and scares me to death!

Well, I guess lately someone has just been trying to reset the password, but seriously, google step it up a bit! Return people's emails and help a girl out will ya?

By the way.. I revoked my old email from this blog and put my new one in just in case...I promise it is me!

I got enough stress in my life to be dealing with this also!!!

The wedding planning is not coming along all to well! I'm really at a stand still not sure of what else I need to get done! This stinks!

I was in the middle of working on the invitations when I got the "to reset your password" email there for here I am fixing all my accounts...AGAIN!!! 5th time in the last month I believe!!1

Anyway...If you have any tips on what I should be doing as far as the wedding...please send them this way!

It's hard because the knot's list doesn't quite fit, I'm a Bride with a reception hall that doesn't provide anything!!! EKK!!!

Okay...well wedding planning must go on!!

If you have any tips about my accounts also...send them my way!!

Take Care
Signing off
A Stressed, freezing and frustrated

1 Thoughts From Readers:

-SPW said...

Hang in there!
Maybe get a friend to help share the load. You are woman, you can do anything!