Yes that is me with the 2 metal arms!

If you didn't figure it out.. i got put on crutches this week!

I went to the gym last week and had the desire to run..(not sure why..i don't get this desire very often) but anyway I did..and then...i put to much stress on my knee and now have a stress fracture on my tibia. This Means I am Non-weight Bearing!!!

For those of you who don't know..I'm an xray tech...and the main xray tech in the OR..meaning I do lots of standing and walking and bending and moving for my job..crutches and xray techs do not mix...(well when the patient is on the that is a different story) So..I've been reduced to a desk job...this past week i spent my time making charts..meaning I put stickers on manilla folders...yes what a way to use my knowledge. Then again, I'm so grateful that they found a place that i can still work! However, yesterday my boss told me that because I was to good at what i do..they had run out of things for me to do..so I was told to take today off...however I haven't been at my job the amount of days need to get paid time off...but they really like me there i guess because she talked to HR and got it okay'd to give me PTO!! Woop Woop...and they have found more work for me so that is good...

B kept telling me to slack off more...and be lazy but seriously i'm driven...i can't!

Wedding plans are coming along just great! thing i think are working out..we'll se in the end...

we found our bands! Got great deals on them too!!! like 1500 off on mine!! Woop WOOP considering we looked all over for a band i liked this is amazing!!!

Um..in other news...if we can get our spending under control...and by we i mostly mean me..we can get a house...working on getting a new credit card with 0% apr and 0% on balance transfers...so that will help..then i'm closing the rest!...well at least the old navy one..even though i love that one...they send you rewards cash for free clothes!! CoME ON!!!...gonna be hard to give that up!

IN other other news...B has applied with a airline..corporate...would be an awesome job..so we are praying for that...

and the best news of all...

I'm going to go to heaven...and I'm sure of that...Because I have accepted God has my savior...here is the thing...Mark Cahill spoke at Church last week...(he is awesome and got my heart burning for the Lord)
He is this guy who just goes up to the strangers and asks them about God...I'm still working on getting the courage to that...until then...I'll hide behind my blog...But readers..I care about your souls..and If you want to go to Heaven the ONLY way is through HIM!!

Ok...i said my piece!

Signing Off
A Gimpy

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Thompson said...

congrats on the wedding stuff and high five for not being completely out of work. it's always nice when you're appreciated for the hard work that you do and how employers will find a way to keep you there and happy.