Its Only Tuesday!

Every few minutes today I had to remind myself it is only Tuesday. Didn't get to bed as soon as I would have liked last night, or the night before, therefore, I'm Thursday tired, not Tuesday tired. I won't be going to bed early tonight either as I'm going to the movies. I finally got invited to do something again so I'm going, I really don't know that much about Pineapple Express, I heard it was a stoner movie, but I'm still going.

I'm kind of nervous about tomorrow, for B's sake. He has court tomorrow for custody. His parents and himself took his son up north yesterday and A (ben's son) met with his mom today. I haven't heard from B yet so I hope that went well, but lately A has been calling me mommy and I've kind liked it, I know I'll never be his "mom" because I'm not. I didn't go through the pregnancy and what not. But I'd really like for him to consider me mom some day, I don't want to take her place however.
I do also, it may be wrong, but I hope B gets full custody. I don't really trust N (A's mom) anymore. For those of you who don't know A was taken away from N in November because he was out side naked in North Dakota. It was her third or forth offense with Social Services, So I'm not to sure what her chances are, but I do know that God will make sure his plan is what is followed through. I'm just really nervous!!!

Anyway I better get supper going and get ready to go to the movies.

Take Care and Have a good night!

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