Weigh In Day

What a weekend!!!
Friday evening started out with my going shopping with a few friends for an outfit to wear out that night. I basically ended up not needing the outfit, as I gave in to peer pressure before we hit the bar, and when we made it to the bar I spent a good hour in the bathroom, then left via cab to go to bed, before midnight. (Too much too fast is not good, but hey I learned a lesson!)
Saturday my classmates and I had orientation for our new positions, AKA we will be doing the exact same thing we do as students only will be staying after hours to get paid! YAY!!! Yet I was still sick from Friday night so that was not fun. I then went to my friends place to get my alochol I had left there, I know longer have it as I dumped it out!!! NO MORE PLEASE!!!Then I headed to B's which is an hour 15 away. I was finally feeling ready to eat so I picked up dinner on my way. When I pulled in to the parking lot of his condo, and turned off my car I realized his keys were at my apartment. So Luckily my aunt let me go hang out with her, yet I wasn't going to tell her I was hung over so that stunk, and B didn't get in from his trip until 0005. So I sat at her house ready to sleep for like 7 hours, not fun.
Then on Sunday B and I hung out at the State Fair, super fun, yet I was in back pain from vomiting.
ANYWAY about this being weigh in day. I had B's eyebrows, they drive me nuts, just super bushy and needing to be cleaned up. Not to mention the semi-unibrow. So we made a deal that if I lose 50 pounds by the end of March (7 Months) He will go to a salon and get them cleaned up. So today it starts. for those of who care I'm at 235. I would love to weigh 135 and this deal was totally my idea. He would never put me in a situation like this on his own. He does however care bout me and knows I'm unhappy about my weight. I plan on weighing every tuesday morning so I'll try keep you up to date.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!
A ready to lose weight

3 Thoughts From Readers:

The Pilot's Wife said...

Best of luck, You can do it! and then please shave those eyebrows!heheh

Cpt. J's Wife said...

I struggle with weight issues every day - good luck to you and keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!