Change of Plans

Well in the last week our wedding as gone from 

March 2010 in AZ to
April 2010 in Minnesota (the Cities) to
May 2010 in The Cities.
Lots of changes have happened.
It finally hit me that really important people wouldn't be able to make it to MY big day, and I would NEED them there! So I thought about it, talked to my MOH, talked to my mom and dad, and finally got to talk to B, due is trip he was in air when the major epiphany happened. He was totally okay with it, understanding about my need to have people there, making it a big wedding, due to the size of my dad's family (part of the needed ones). Ii couldn't believe how quickly he agreed. He didn't even think about it for more than 5 secs. He even said, get this, ITS YOUR WEDDING! haha I thought that was awesome, and I hope he remembers he said that when we have another issue, i NEED! I did tell him I want him to feel like it is his, as well. 

Oh yeah another thing that has happened in the last week, I told my mom to back-off leave me alone, and now we are better!

She still isn't in the plans, like she doesn't know we are going to look at a place tomorrow. I feel bad for that, but I can't handle the freak outs. Nothing will be a go without her seeing it and being talked to about it. 

And we are going to the bridal show next week, I'm super excited for that! I finally get to show my rents and my MOH, my ring. That will be fun! Anyway I'm freezing B had his thermostat set at 65, since he has been gone, so my fingers are frozen and I can't type well any more. So I'm heading to bed. Just wanted to check in.

Signing off
The Future 
Mrs. Capt B

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