Just landed from Ohio. Things are super weird. I look at my finger and there is a ring on it! OK, its a stange adjustment. 

And the planning....umm NO PLANS set in stone! My mom wants me to get married in my church. B doesn't want a big wedding, he wants a destination. My dad wants a cheap one and I just want one filled with love! Maybe fancier than not, but not to break the pocketbook!

My mom called me like 75 times in the last four days about the wedding and that I was planning it without her and what not. We hardly talked about anything B and I. So it was annoying!!!

I'm not sure how to plan a wedding! I have no clue where to start. Then adding a destination on it, yikes! I want to get married somewhere I've been before the actual date! We are thinking AZ, I'm going out there in March so I'll get to look at some stuff, but I've never been there either!

Any advice and tips would be greatly accepted!!!

Signing off (b/c I'm late for a lunch date!)

2 Thoughts From Readers:

Cpt. J's Wife said...

Destination weddings are expensive for the people that you want to have come.

Unless you have someone completely reliable to help you with appointments, etc., don't get married outside of the state you are living.

Do what you want to do, not whatever everyone else wants you to do - you will regret it someday.

Even if you have a huge budget, don't spend it. Use it for a fabulous honeymoon - you plan and plan and plan and then poof! the wedding is over - kinda like Christmas morning.

Seriously, I was a planner in my previous life - let me know if you need any tips.

Katie and Josh said...

Oh my gosh congratulations!

Josh and I got engaged and got married 5 months later..you can do it!
I was totally overwhelmed at first too, but you just need to get the basics done first: Date, Location for Ceremony, Location for Reception, Flowers, Food, Entertainment, Favors, and of course....the dress! You better post a pic of it when you buy it! Good luck!